After completing payment, you will find a download link on the confirmation page. Also, an order confirmation will be sent to you via email. This order confirmation contains your download link and license information. Please retain this email for future reference.

If you experience difficulties downloading your software, please make sure your personal firewall is not blocking or interrupting the data transfer. Also, browser-integrated download managers may affect your download.

Here are some suggestions to make the download process easier:

Browser Configuration

Active Scripting

Please make sure your browser is set to allow active scripts.


Sometimes an active firewall suppresses or interferes with downloads. If this is the case, just disable or deactivate your firewall.

Download Managers

Some download managers (T-Online, GetRight, etc...) cause problems when attempting to download software. Please do not use a download manager for your download. Try using Internet Explorer instead and simply deactivate your download manager.

Alternative Browsers

If all attempts listed above are unsuccessful, please try to download the software with a different browser (we recommend Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome).